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Conviction does not guarantee the end of a criminal case. It’s important to know your rights and to appropriately challenge some criminal convictions. Mistakes that occur during the case can lead to unjust convictions, whether those mistakes are made by a lawyer or judge, do not allow your rights to be violated. These mistakes could be grounds for an appeal.

The appellate process can be difficult to handle effectively. Appeals are often complex, and having the assistance of an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney could make the difference in success. Michael D. McMullen has the criminal law experience in Columbia and the state of South Carolina, that can enable you to determine if an appeal is the right option.

Another option is post-conviction relief. This questions the effectiveness of a previous trial lawyer in presenting your case. Additionally, it can be utilized when new evidence is gathered that was either not available, or not disclosed at the time of the initial proceedings.

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Defending criminal cases throughout South Carolina.

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Defending criminal cases throughout South Carolina.

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